ER Visit – 3.15.17

Hospital Visit

I’ve been sick since a few days after Little Miss’ last CF Clinic visit on 3/2/17. I tried my best to keep away from her while I was under the weather but mommy’s girl can’t stay away for long!

She started in with getting a fever on the 14th, but by the evening of the 15th it was around 104 and wasn’t going down.

I called the nurses line, but the CF made the nurse too nervous to give me a thought on what to do. So she helped me call the CF doctor but by the time we were able to touch base with him an hour had gone by. Being this was her first high fever and she was complaining of breathing trouble we went ahead and took her into the ER.

The local ER doesn’t deal with children often, and doesn’t admit children so the visit was rocky. It took them about an hour to give her medicine for the high fever, and even longer to get the swabs done for Flu and RSV. They did a chest XRay, which came back clear.

After 3 attempts they were able to get an IV into give her fluids, at which point 3 hours had passed and her fever hadn’t really gone down at all. So they gave her a different medicine for it.

The swab for RSV came back positive and the ER didn’t feel comfortable releasing us due to the CF, so they wanted to admit us to the Childrens Hospital an hour away. The hospital contacted her doctor and he didn’t think an admit was needed so we were transferred to the Childrens Hospital via ambulance to their ER where the on duty pulmonologist came down and checked her out.

Everyone decided that she didn’t need to be admitted so we were able to drive the hour back home at 3:40am.

We are doing 4 Vest / albutorl treatments a day until her cough subsides. Each treatment is about an hour long so this has been a new hurdle for us. Her fever is gone (3.20.17) so now we just have the cough and excessive mucus.

Here is a little more information about RSV

The whole experience as a learning one for all of us. With this being her first major sickness in 5 years we are for sure lucky, but will be better prepared for the next one. She was excited that she was able to ride in the ambulance, and since she threw up a pile of mucus while we were there she received a hospital gown which will down join her dress up pile.

Now daddy is sick, since our family is rarely ever sick this whole adventure has been surprising and annoying. :p



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