Clinic Visit 3.2.17


Weight: 36.4 lbs.

Height: 41.14 ins.

Arrival Time: 12:45pm ~ Departure Time: 3:10pm

  • We did practice PFT’s again, her numbers improved but she still needs practice blowing out all her air as fast as possible.
  • She cultured sensitive staph again, but no treatment required.
  • Her lungs sound clear, and she looks great

Dietitian Visit

  • Weight gain and height great, no reason to increase enzymes, keep it at 2, 12,000 creon with meals, 1 with snack.
  • Continue with the high veggie and protein diet, with minimal processed oils.
  • Re address enzyme until weight plateaus or poop changes.
  • Was really happy with our no processed / no artificial, all real food diet.

Respiratory Therapist

  • Meesha spit in the cup today, yay! I didn’t forget to grab it from the basket lol They are sending this culture out for the extended check.
  • We received a Pre – Great Strides Walk gift back, with her shirt for the walk. They wanted to hand them out early to try and prevent the table pick up and close proximity


We also spoke to the Mental Health person and the Social Worker but nothing to report. 🙂

Next visit we will be doing x-ray and labs. 😮


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