5 Year Checkup


Weight – 36.4 lbs (up 2 lbs from Clinic on 12/1/16!)

Height – 40.55 ins

We went to a new Pediatrician since we’ve recently moved and she was great. I really miss our original pedi, and I think that is why it took me so long to find a new one. But this new one is great so yay!

Little miss took an evaluation test on everything she should know how to do by 5 and she did great on everything except skipping and hopping forward on one foot. Who knew that was something we were supposed to be practicing?!?

She also did great on her vision test, and has a hearing test but the machine wasn’t cooperating.

She was caught up on her vaccines since we missed her 4 Year Checkup. She wasn’t happen about this at all. Both the nurse and I had to hold her down, poor girl. But within 30 minutes she was back to her bouncy self heading to spend the weekend with her Oma.

Over all the appointment went well. Yay!


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