Clinic Visit 3.6.14


Weight: 25 lbs

Height: 32.8 in.

Meeshas weight & height are in the 25%, her eating habits and creon level are doing good and she looks very healthy. We discussed the importance of calling everything by it’s proper name, such as her Vest, Nebulizer, and medications. This is important in case there comes a time when we aren’t there or incapacitated like an accident, and she needs to let people know what she is on and what her condition is. We also discussed the importance of getting her involved in getting all her medicine and treatments ready, because the more ownership she takes of her condition the easier treatments will be as she gets older.

The doctor heard a light heart murmur and asked us to have our pedi double check it. Her last visits Throat Cultures came back clean, however she is low on vitamin A & K.


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