Clinic Visit 12.5.13


Weight: 24.4 pounds

Height: 31 inches

Once again we had a great clinic visit. I am so thankful for all of these visits that are good news as I know that as time goes on they will be getting worse not better. We brought her vest with us to make sure we were doing it right, and of course there were tons of tips and tricks that we discovered. So now we will be doing the vest for 20 minutes twice a day, and ideally she should have an hour of air way clearance stuff a day, the other 20 minutes would be every day playing.

We switched up her albuterol, the nebulizer really had an bad effect on her mood and over all sleep I felt. So we switched to using an inhaler, she is still getting the hang of it because this form take more breathing control that she hasn’t mastered yet. There really isn’t a substitute for albuterol so all the different options we have are just different ways of delivering the same medicine which from what I’ve read on the cf boards I’m on is really the problem.

Her lungs sounded clear and he wasn’t  concerned about her small cough that she had developed this week, thank goodness!

Finally, they discontinued her vitamins (Source CF) so we started giving her a natural vitamin (Rainbow Light), and we weren’t sure if it was enough. The dietitian told us to give her two a day and when we do her vitamin blood draw check next clinic we’ll see where she is at and how these do. She LOVES them, always asks for it lol so I hope we’ll be able to stay on them.

We go back at the beginning of March. 🙂


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