Clinic Visit 9.5.13


Weight: 22 lb 6 oz

Height: 30.6 in

We had a great visit over all, lots to talk about so bare with me. Meesha did amazing, she let them do everything they needed to without getting upset or scared once.

She was measured and weighed on the standing scale instead of the infant basket. She said in her own chair and let them take her blood pressure, temperature and head circumference. It was so great not to have to fight with her!

Then we talked with the dietitian, we discussed Meesha waking up in the early morning hours asking for food, so we decided to try upping her enzymes to 4 6,000 instead of 3. She also put in a script for the 12,000 so it will only be 2 pills. We talked about probiotics and said we really only needed them if Meesha was on antibiotics and that breast milk works as a probiotic. She also said it helps with pooping too so that could be why Meesha poops so much (4 to 5 times a day!) she said Meeshas weight gain is great and she is developing with her curve so that was a relief. I was worried that she hadn’t gained enough.

We had to see a different doctor than our normal one. Meesha let him listen to her lungs, look in her ears, nose and mouth without a major meltdown! She even let him lay her on the table and feel her belly! I was so proud!! We talked about the flu shot which he had no information on the new one that is GMO based nor was he sure what a GMO was. :/ so I will have to call her pedi and talk to her about it. He did say it is best to stick with the tried and true one that has been out for 10 years because sometimes stuff gets released FDA wise before its really ready.

He said that she seemed to be the size for a vest so we discussed the pros and cons and it looks like we are going to move forward with a vest. This will replace the twice daily CPT that we currently do for 20 minutes after each abuterol  treatment.

The life coach came in and we talked about Meesha wanted to eat her pills herself. She said that she really isn’t ready mentally to be doing that so that’s probably why she is more chewing them. She has to be able to do a sequence of tasks with out being reminded the order to be able to do the pill swallowing. She gave me some handouts on other ways to give her the pills.

The nurse that does the throat swabs came in next and let me tell you this is usually a holding down fight. She has to stick two long q tips one after another to the back of Meeshas throat. But this time no fight at all! She didn’t even have to use the tongue suppressor! Meesha just opened her mouth for both and let her swab! So exciting!!! We’ve been practicing so much medical play with Dr. Mommy and it really paid off. I am so glad, now if we can get her to lay still the next time we have to take blood we will be in business. Lol

We don’t have to go back until December 3 so that will be a nice break. ­čÖé


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