18 Month Checkup


Weight: 21 lb

Height: 30 in

I could never rave enough about how much I love Meeshas pediatrician, she is so helpful but never pushy! We discussed a lot of random stuff.

She is ready for us to full on begin potty training, so we’ll see how that goes. She has been starting to tell us when she has to go, or when she went. Hopefully she will catch on fast! lol I for one am so sick of diapers.

We talked about our sleeping issues, Meesha seems to dread going to bed, and it is usually a 2 hour battle when I try and put her down. She said that 15 minutes of CIO is ok as long as it’s just light crying and not hysterical wailing. Also we need to create a bedtime routine and stick to it, and once we put her into bed and leave the room not to return to the room unless hysterics have started. She said over time she should understand the routine.

Other than that everything looks great, and she is gaining weight well! Yay! Next appointment at the 2 year mark.


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