15 Month Checkup


Weight: 20.2 lbs!

Height: 29 Inches!

She is growing so much!! I felt like the doctor felt that she should be larger and suggested we give her more milk. But I am very happy with her size. *mini rant* I find it annoying that my child is supposed to be in some sort of average for the US when it comes to weight and height. Lets face it America has been getting fat. I don’t think it’s right (knowing that my whole family is smaller, and so is Philips) that Meesha has to be at these standards. She isn’t going to be a large child CF or no CF. So i really wish doctors would quit using these percentages. For her growth rate she is doing AWESOME. *rant over*

I am so embarrassed to say that I was unorganized for this appointment. This is the first appointment that I forgot Meeshas binder!! And of course we had to get shots and here I am without her damn shot card! What has happened to my brain! If you see it please send it home because I miss it!

We got two shots (both of which she has already had before) and we also did the lead test. She did great for all of them, she just said there watching the nurse draw the blood it was a huge relief based on our past blood experiences. lol

We talked about Meesha potty training, and she said that she felt that Meesha was showing all the signs of being ready!! Thank goodness! I don’t understand how parents can deal with their children in diapers for so long!! I have been doing everything in my power to move this process along as fast as possible. In the 1950’s the average child was potty trained at 18 months, fast forward to today the average child is potty trained at 3. That is just not cool with me, Meesha’s readiness could just be her but I have been doing steps since birth to help this process. I bought her panties, so we will be starting this week and see how it goes! I’ll let you guys know!

1. I’ve always told her what she did in her diaper. “Look you went poo poo!” “Lets change your pee pee diaper” “Are you pooping?” etc

2. At 12 months I started asking her before I changed her, “Did you pee pee?” Did you poo poo?” At around 13 – 14 months she started shaking her head yes to the right one, and recently she will say “ya” to the right one.

3. I realized if I created a diaper place that she can reach she will bring me the diaper when she is ready to be changed.

4. I’ve been reading up on all the different potty training methods so that way when the time comes I’m ready! lol I’m nervous but excited this will be a huge step for her! Here are a few articles that I liked: Infant Potty Training And Potty Train in 3 Days

Another topic we talked about was discipline, Meeshas new favorite past time is slapping my glasses off my face.  This really drives me crazy, and I can’t get her to understand that it’s not nice behavior. I usually stop what we are doing tell her no, and it’s not nice then change our activity this works about half the time. My pedi said that it is ok to use time out now. 1 minute per year old. So we will see how this works. 

Finally we talked about vocabulary. I have been slightly worried that Meesha isn’t really speaking. She has about 10 words that she says every once and a while. Most of them aren’t full words but sounds that sound like words. But the pedi said she should only have a vocab of like 3 – 6 words so that was a relief! She said that it would be good to read books with a low word count and make sure to repeat words that I want her to pick up often. 

Over all it was a good appointment! Love these good appointments, I know eventually bad ones will come so i’m going to soak up these good ones while i can LOL


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