Clinic Visit 2.28.13


Weight: 19 lbs 7 oz

Height: I forgot to ask! Lol

Today was really the worst clinic visit we’ve ever had and it had nothing to do with the actual visit!

We of course woke up late, as most of you know Meesha goes to bed between 10p and 1a, so last night was no different but thankfully she normally sleeps in until 9:30a or 10a. So this morning I had to wake her up since our appointment was at 10a, which started off our not so good morning on the wrong side of the bed. By the time we got to the clinic we were 30 minutes late. Meesha was in a ripe mood as I guess anyone would be that got woken up and had to miss breakfast.

Thankfully the visit part went pretty good. Meesha had great weight gain, and her lungs sounded good! Her last swabs came back good as well. So he told us to keep doing what we’re doing, which is always a relief to hear!

We talked about the new drug that’s been in development for Meeshas gene mutation. It’s still a ways off before she will be able to use it (I will post the article next) but it really brings hope to her future.

Finally the last task was the hardest. It was time for her annual blood drawing, and seriously I think drawing blood forms toddler has to be the worst job ever! Thankfully I knew in advance that this was happening so I brought Philip along to help. It was him, me, 3 nurses and the life coach holding her down and calming her down so they could get the blood. I’m glad this isn’t a regular thing because I don’t know that I could do that often lol

After that we were good to go! Thank goodness, we were there for 3 hour total today. She fell right to sleep once we made it to the car.

Our next appointment is in June!!


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