I will keep updating this list as she accomplishes more, so keep checking back 🙂

Smiling – 2 Months

Holding Head Up – 2 Months

Rolling Over – 4 Months

Sitting Up – 5 Months

Pulling Up – 5 Months

Crawling – 6 Months

Clapping – 8 Months

First Steps – 8 Months

Walking – 9 Months

Shaking Head No – 9 Months

Motor boat noise – 10 months

Waving – 10 months

Clicking tongue – 10 months

Beep the noise – 10 months

Standing Up from sitting without assistance – 10 months


We are not counting Mama and Dada as her first words, since babies tend to say though letters together as they are easy for them to pronounce but they don’t always associate the connection etc. But she has been pronouncing these clearly since 6 months old.

Words She understands – Meesha, No (9m), Come here (9m), hello (10m), goodbye (10m),

First Word – bye bye (10m),

Other words – hello (10m),


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