Clinic Visit 11.1.12


Weight: 17

Height: 27

As you can see above she didn’t gain any weight for the month of October, so this was a big part of our visit this time around. We upped her enzymes to taking 2 – 6,000 capsules and 1 – 3,000 capsules with each meal. She did however gain 3 inches in height since the last visit was is awesome. For CF children they like them to be in the 50% or above range when it comes to height/weight ratio because it is the area for optimal lung function. They also gave us ideas to help up her calorie intake and we have to come back in a month to see where she is at. I guess if it had to be anything wrong we knew the weight issue was going to come up eventually. Philip and I are small people so Meesha is bound to be on the smaller side, unfortunately her CF is helping her out with that as well.

I have bought coconut milk, and high fat yogurt to help her gain weight, we are also doing lots of peanut butter toast for breakfast and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Yummy for her!!

The rest of the visit was pretty much same ol’ same ol’ except we met a new doctor (well new to us) because ours was busy with another patient. It’s good to meet the other doctors at the clinic in case we ever have to see them in the hospital in the future.


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