9 Month Check Up


Weight: 17 lbs

Height: 26.75

When we got to the clinic the lady at the counter handed me the usually info on her growth and development, and she also handed me this huge packet and asked me to fill it out. I started reading it and it was seriously a test LOL I felt like I should have studied! So if you go to your 9 month appointment be prepared! Seriously though it asked me to put her skills on a scale of how often if at all she does different tasks and such. Some of the things i don’t even think we had ever tried to do with her before i wish i would have written down some of the questions! There were questions like “when you put clothes on the child does the child push their arm through the arm hole after you line it up” and ” does the child pick up two objects and hit the together” it was good to get an idea of where she should be at though, lucky for us she passed with flying colors lol

We went ahead and got her first flu shot, I was really on the fence about whether or not we should get it. Philip and I had decided early on in the pregnancy that we were not flu shot people, when i was 8 months pregnant my doctor tried to talk me into getting one and we told him it just wasn’t for us. But with Meesha having CF her health is very important. There is a higher chance that she could die or become hospitalized from the flu then there is from the flu shot, so when it all weighed out it seemed smarter to go ahead and get her the flu shot. She took the first dose like a champ didn’t cry at all. She has to go back in 30 days to receive the second shot.

Other than that she is looking health and doing great!


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