Clinic Visit 8.23.12


I know I haven’t posted in a while but this has been a busy summer!

24.8 ins


If you’ve noticed we haven’t been to clinic since like June 8 I believe. We. I believe in my last post I wrote about the appointment commotion that I had going on. We ended up going on vacation the week that her July appointment was supposed to be and I had tried to reschedule it but it didn’t work so we just ended up skipping it and when we got back I got her appointment for today set up. So now we are back on track.

The doctor said that she looks great! They moved her up to 4 pills with each feeding and moved her to bigger pills so it will actually only be two pills. 🙂

I asked him if there was a time frame for the breathing treatments as in 12 hours apart or something. And he said nope just as long as they get done twice a day. Such a relief! Lol some times I don’t always have time in the morning. He also said we could add more if she needed it. Luckily she hasn’t coughed jn months.

At our next appointment we are going to learn infant massage techniques. So that will be awesome. Hopefully Meesha doesn’t hate it!

He also said that since she is doing so good we don’t have to go back for two months so our next appointment isn’t until the beginning of November. 🙂

This was also the first appointment that I wet to by myself! We did great, Meesha played on a mat on the floor for most of the time. I did get lost coming home though. Took a wrong turn out of the hospital.

I’ll be posting some more old updates I forgot to post. 🙂


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