Clinic Visit 4.26.12 & 4 Month Shots 5.3.12


Clinic Visit

Meesha weighed 13.11 lbs and measured 23 ins.


I was curious what I should be looking for if Meesha wasn’t getting enough salt, I don’t know why I am so concerned with this but I’m always curious if she is or not. The symptoms would be dry skin, and seeming dehydrated.

We also moved her up to 2 enzymes per feeding.

I also was curious where the mucus went that was being moved around by the CPT and nebulizer. Apparently she will digest most of it before it gets to just coming out her diaper as mucus. But it still can happen, other times she will spit it up.

Her lungs were still clean and we are still keeping an eye on her cough.

Also the swab nurse told me that it was not good enough to clean my nebulizer with soap & water then sterilize in boiling water. 😐 I need to be using a bleach water solution. I don’t feel safe with that though 😦

Oh and one last thing, bright green poop means she isn’t absorbing all of the vitamins out of her food and yellow poop is normal and healthy!


4 Month Shots

This was first doctors appointment I went to with just Meesha and I, we did awesome 🙂 lol

Anyways. . .

Meesha weighed 14.2 lbs and measured 23 ins. (do you notice how much weight she gained in only a week!!)

This appointment was a breeze! We discussed moving into solids, she said that Meesha has great head control so it will be fine to start her on them for tasting not for sustaining nutrients. She also said that Meesha was controlling her body on a 6 month level!!! *maybe an early walker*

After that we got the shots done and they went WAY better than the 2 month shots she screamed while it was happening then calmed down and went to sleep afterwards 🙂

The aftermath however was worse, she had a higher fever then the two month shots and it lasted for longer. We had to give her baby Tylenol to help it drop.


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