Clinic Visit 2.23.12 & 2 Month check up 2.29.12



Clinic Visit

Our first clinic visit just Philip and I went, I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it went very smoothly. The Children’s Hospital here is awesome. They have a system down for these visits and everything is orderly and rarely runs late. After getting checked in we normally only have to wait about five minutes before get called back. It’s normally so fast that they ask us to stay at the front and wait.

Meesha weighed 9.5 lbs and measured 20 ins.

Everyone asked us if we had any questions but we don’t, which must be abnormal because they always ask twice lol I think at this visit we were still so over whelmed by all the information being given to us that we didn’t really have much to ask.

This is who we will be seeing at each clinic visit:



Social Worker


Swab Nurse

Life Counselor

(I doubt I will ever remember all of their names!) lol But they just come in one by one ask how we are doing and if we have any questions, then move on to the next person. I can’t get over how nice and overly helpful everyone at this hospital is.


2 Month Shots

Meesha weighed 10.6 lbs and measured 20 ins.

I am so happy that my first choice in pediatricians was a good choice, I had no idea that some doctors could be so not your style lol I read all the time about parents complaining about their pediatricians and how they are searching for a new one.

Our doctor hadn’t seen Meesha for 2 months so she was very surprised at how much she had grown!

She also got us in contact with a Genetic Clinic to talk about our genes and options for future children, also options for Meeshas future children.

We got her shots also, she HATED this part. she cried real tears and it was sooooo sad!!


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